preparación y acabado textil

Preparing and textile finishing

The finishing section of the company has all the necessary infrastructures for the final development of the fabrics. We reach up to 340 cm. We have all kinds of finishes, Sanfor, Tumbler, resins.



We have all kinds of dyeing machines to carry out the highest performance in the dyeing of fabrics and offer our customers the range of colors, from our colorimeter, which the market requires us. We have Jiggers, Autoclaves, Multiflows … etc, to achieve maximum quality in both flat and knitted fabrics.

estampación digital

Digital Printing

Colorprint Fashion has the latest technology in digital printing. Great diversity of machines give us the ability to stamp any type of fabric (flat and knitted) with any composition (either cotton, polyester, or any type of mixture) because our machinery have the possibility to print in reactive inks, pigments or dispersed and wide from 140 to 330 cm. We have the best inks in the market with which we get the best degrees of fastness to both rubbing and washing.

estampación rotativa

Rotary Printing

The Company has 4 rotary printing machines with their corresponding drying and color fixing processes. The width of the machines reaches 320 cm, and possibility of printing different sizes of rapport which offers the possibility of making any drawing with standardized measurements, also allows us to use up to 17 cylinders of the same drawing.


45 years dedicated to printing, dyeing and finishing fabrics.

fabrica colorprintfashion

Specialized in...

  • Rotary screen printing
  • Industrial technology of digital printing
  • Stamping and finishing of the fabric
  • Fabric dying
  • 100% Service Company
  • Fabrics for the manufacture of table linen, upholstery, curtains, shirts, children’s clothing, etc… (all in home fashion and fashion
logo colorprintfahsion

The successes of the clients are our own successes

Colorprint Fashion began its industrial activity in mid-1996. The aim of this company has been from the beginning to offer finishes in the stamping of fabrics according to the current demands of the market in quality controls. The promoters of the project contribute more than 45 years of experience in the sector of the stamping. In addition to experience, Colorprint Fashion has the latest machinery for printing, textile finishing and dyeing of fabrics. Human resources are one of the most important points of a company. This is how COLORPRINT understands it, so that its 150 professionals, knowing their trade, put their effort to transmit their young dynamism in their task. The result is a great technical solvency able to satisfy any demand for stamping, no matter how demanding. COLORPRINT knows that the successes of the clients are their own successes.

Desing department

Composed by a group of qualified professionals in textile design, this section is equipped with the most modern computer equipment on the market and has the most updated professional programs in the treatment of the image.